Popular Reasons To Outsource Your Call Center

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Call centers have become pervasive in many industries across the nation and the world. Business process outsourcing providers, financial services businesses, consulting services, and many other B2C and B2B businesses leverage call centers to support their various customers. There are now over 28,000 telemarketing and call center businesses in the U.S. and the industry continues to expand.

Here are some of the popular reasons to outsource call center functions:

  • Proactive outreach
  • Advanced technology and infrastructure savings
  • Frees up internal resources
  • Accountability to service
  • Ability to drive growth
  • Consistent performance
  • Centralized call management
  • Resource management

In today’s healthcare environment, any of these advantages could be critical. Call management is an important part of the revenue cycle, a steady flow of patients translates to business continuity. Patient Access functions as a health system’s front door – scheduling, centralized management of critical information, care questions, critical outbound communications, and prescription refills among many other things, that kick off the patient journey.

As the demands for patient engagement increase, more providers are choosing to partner with a healthcare call center. In fact, the number of services managed by call centers is growing; what started as simple outsourcing of inbound calls has expanded to include a variety of tasks from post-discharge, patient care, and navigation, to physician referral and patient satisfaction surveys. The popularity of utilizing a third-party call center service, especially in the light of staffing and budgetary issues brought on by the pandemic, has increased— According to Becker’s, nearly half of health systems increased their reliance on outsourcing partners during the pandemic, and of those, 73% plan to continue when the effects of COVID subside.

Trusting a third-party service provider with your patients can be difficult. That’s why Envera positions itself as more than a contact center, we provide comprehensive engagement partnership. From our proprietary discovery process that investigates the preferences and unique needs of your organization to the development and training of dedicated Patient Access Coordinators who will accurately represent your brand while extending the values of care culture to patient interactions over the phone.

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