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Improve Access

With the right combination of people and technology, Envera Health delivers custom engagement solutions that mirror care culture and function as an extension of your team.

Setting The Tone

At Envera Health we know that the first point of contact can set the tone for the rest of the patient experience and in today’s competitive health market, you must make every interaction count. This is why we sought to transform healthcare through the patient access experience, offering a comprehensive engagement partnership built on the importance of a human touch— different than the traditional contact center model. We utilize an in-depth discovery process that seeks to understand internal processes, reveal areas for improvement, and assess patient access needs. 

Staff Dedicated To Your Organization

Equipped with these insights, we provide you with a dedicated team of Patient Access Coordinators trained to adopt the workflows and values unique to your organization. The result is a fully customized solution designed to fit into your existing processes, improve the patient experience, and evolve with the needs of your practice and patient community— while extending care culture to the patient access experience in a way that inspires patient loyalty and retention.
Improve Access - Staff Dedicated To Your Organization

An Envera Health Partnership...

  • Lowers no-show rates
  • Improves the on-site Patient Experience by freeing your PSRs
  • Offers a better Patient Experience with average satisfaction scores over 96%
  • Books appointments for 28%+ of total calls handled
  • Enables scalable growth through operational efficiency
  • Reduces network traffic and callbacks by 11%+
IMprove Access - An Envera Health Partnership...

Patient Access Standard Features

  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Patient Registration & Insurance Verification
  • Routine Patient Inquiries
  • Appointment Reminders & Rebooking
  • Education, Information, and Literature Requests
  • Medication Refills and Pharmacy Assistance
IMprove Access - Patient Access Standard Features

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