5 Reasons We Aren’t Your Average Contact Center

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Call centers are hardly a new concept in the ever-changing world of healthcare administration. Based on a survey by Healthcare Call Center Times, 62% of hospitals have a contact center strategy in place. When a whole market is dedicated to consumer convenience, how do healthcare providers know which service to choose? With Envera Health’s impeccable customer service and innovative processes that drive growth, connect care, and improve access, the choice is simple. Here are 5 reasons why our top-rated customer engagement center is not just your average contact center…

1. Custom Fit

No two healthcare providers are the same. Envera Health offers a comprehensive suite of managed services and hands-on solutions – each custom-tailored to meet our clients where they need us most.

2. Best in Class Technology

Envera’s unique technology platform allows our agents to support multiple providers and workflows while maintaining the delivery of a personalized experience for patients. Through this platform, our team has visibility to a complete 360-degree patient profile including demographics, communication preferences, upcoming appointments, event information, and important clinical reminders specific to each patient.

3. Proactive Outreach

Retention is the new growth. While a typical call center may focus on only inbound inquiries, our Care Campaigns offer systematic outreach to patients for preventative health, chronic disease, specialty services, and follow-up care. After just the first few weeks of campaign implementation, clients have seen between a 23 to 43% increase in conversion.

4. Quality and Quantity

Envera employees love where they work- and it shows. In 2019 alone, our agents have logged over 7.2 million minutes of phone time and have earned a stellar consumer satisfaction rating of 90 percent.

5. Humanity 

Healthcare is made up of opportunities to create meaningful moments. Envera is committed to bringing love and humanity back into the forefront of the industry with our service-first culture. During our annual Truth Lab Forum, we found that the number one value of attendees (healthcare leaders, caregivers, and consumers) was self-transcendence. With each interaction, our agents strive to positively impact the lives of others with compassion.

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