Why Envera

Solve Your Staffing Challenges

With the right combination of people and technology, Envera Health delivers custom engagement solutions that mirror care culture and function as an extension of your team.

Unburden Your Internal Teams

Envera Health understands how limited staffing resources can put an undue burden on existing staff and negatively impact the patient experience. That’s why we offer fully customized patient access solutions built around teams of highly trained agents who can function as an extension of your organization. Unlike a traditional call center model, our people-first approach is focused on extending the values of care culture to every patient interaction, maintaining positive patient relationships, and supporting the unique needs of your practice by providing personalized quality service you can trust with your patients.

Envera's Patient Access Coordinators:

  • 100% U.S. Based
  • Are hand-selected from a national talent pool
  • Trained specifically for YOUR organization
  • Utilize your internal systems and workflows
  • Honor physician preferences and the unique needs of your practice
  • Score high for personality traits related to empathy and altruism
  • Consistently receive patient satisfaction scores of 96%+
  • Are incentivized and rewarded for exemplary service
Our Standard Features

Foster Your Own "Amazon Experience"

In today’s market patients are healthcare consumers, who expect the same experience from their providers that they receive in other service-oriented exchanges. Healthcare interactions that don’t meet expectations for ease of use and customer service result in a decline in patient satisfaction and loyalty. The key to providing a winning patient experience is to not lose sight of one of healthcare’s simple truths— at the end of the day, it’s about the people.

We are proud to boast turnover rates that are 2xs better than the industry average.

Staffing -Amazon Experience

How We Recruit And Train Our People

Application & Interview Process

All candidates go through a rigorous application process which includes tests that gauge candidates cognitive abilities, personality and motivation to ensure they are a good fit for Envera.

Onboarding & Initial Training

All new employees go through a extensive training program which includes technology training, culture training, client program training, and client culture training, and shadowing before they go live for their program.

Refresher Training

All Patient Access Coordinators receive regular refresher training and update trainings to maintain quality and allow us to be flexible to meet the needs of our clients.

To better understand what make our people unique, we host story telling workshops for our employees where they get to share their experiences as a Patient Access Coordinator. These experiences are written down and analyzed by the IBM Watson analysis model to map out the core personality traits and common values that our people share. We use this as a road map to help us ensure we recruit the best talent to represent your organization.

How We Keep Our People

So how do we deliver a turnover rate that is 2Xs better than the industry average? In addition to our highly specific targeting during recruitment, we provide our Patient Access Coordinators with a industry leading benefits and perks package which serves as one of the foundations for our award winning engagement center. All full time Patient Access Coordinators are eligible for the following.

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