Why Envera

Reduce Practice Noise

With the right combination of people and technology, Envera Health delivers custom engagement solutions that mirror care culture and function as an extension of your team.

Unburden Your Frontline Staff

In today’s competitive environment, providers must go above and beyond to ensure patient loyalty and retention— and the patient access experience has a critical role to play. Scheduling difficulties and negative administrative experiences can color the rest of the patient journey, delaying care and affecting health outcomes, while impacting the reputation of your brand. Often limited staffing resources are to blame. We understand that overburdened PSR staff simply cannot give 100% to patients— onsite or over the phone. That’s why we design customized patient access solutions built around teams of highly trained agents to help reduce the noise in your practice.  

The Envera Difference

Unlike traditional call center models, we center our solutions around a people-first approach that emphasizes the importance of a compassionate human touch. Envera Health offers dedicated Patient Access Coordinators (PACs) trained to function as an extension of your internal team, from adopting your unique workflows to extending the values of your organization. With our Patient Access Coordinators (PACs) managing the phones, your PSRs are freed to provide a more focused and personalized experience to the patients in front of them. Resulting in a higher quality of service and employee satisfaction.  
The Envera Difference

Utilize Envera For...

  • Standard Scheduling
  • Patient Registration & Insurance Verification
  • Routine Patient Inquiries
  • Referral Coordination
  • Appointment Reminders & Insurance Verification
  • Patient Activation
  • Marketing Campaign Support
Utilize Envera For...

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