7 Strategic Advantages to Employing a Patient Access Partner

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From managing the financial fallout from the pandemic to maintaining critical staff in a crisis-level shortage, health systems of all sizes are reassessing aspects of their internal operations in order to develop new coping strategies. Many are taking on third-party partnerships to offset the burden on in-house staff and ramp up efforts to get patients in the door. Here are 7 reasons why taking on an engagement partner for your Patient Access needs can be a winning strategy…

  1. Scalability & Flexibility

With call volumes in constant flux, staffing for both efficiency and efficacy is difficult— in today’s labor shortage, it’s impossible. Pursuing an engagement partnership to handle the needs of your access center removes this burden from your organization. Scalable services provide the best value and most flexibility based on your call volume, ensuring you only pay for what you need.

  1. Infrastructure & Technology

By choosing to employ an engagement partner you benefit from patient-centric technologies and modern analytics without the cost expenditure. Working with the technology your engagement partner brings to the table allows you to save money without sacrificing innovation.

  1. Accountability to Service

To put it plainly, your engagement partner is contractually obligated to meet service levels. By removing accountability for the phones from your administration staff you can improve their attention to patient and physician needs in the office. Supplementing patient access services with a dedicated engagement partner can be an effective way to ensure a positive patient experience both on and off-site.

  1. Proactive Outreach

With limited internal resources, you are often relegated to being reactive instead of proactive. A dedicated engagement partner has the bandwidth to do both; improving inbound service and conducting important outreach efforts that result in a higher scheduling volume and better patient outcomes.

  1. Human Resources

Maintaining effective patient access staff requires effort. An engagement partner specializes in finding, training, and retaining the right people. They have the experience and resources to build a dedicated team of diversely skilled individuals that can support the needs of your workflow while upholding your values— so you don’t have to.

  1. Consistency

Staffing and budgetary issues can impact the predictability of service for patients. Partnering with an engagement service provider can assist in standardizing the patient experience whether it’s offering operational expertise and workflow designs, improving operational efficiency, or unifying the brand experience across the health system.

  1. Drive Growth

Now more than ever, health systems need to think beyond the ability to cope and start strategizing how to compete. A well-chosen engagement partner can help to position you as a leader in the industry by bridging the gap between marketing and operations. You can drive growth by embedding marketing campaigns into your existing care workflows. Comprehensive engagement partners do more than answer phones, they support continuity by converting leads to appointments and providing a patient experience that inspires loyalty.

Envera Health provides strategic partnerships to organizations of all sizes, offering a fully customizable suite of patient access solutions that support the needs of your patient communities now while establishing winning strategies that can support the future of your organization.  

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