3 Values That A Healthcare Call Center Must Share With Care Culture

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A healthcare call center should be more than just an answering service. When leveraged properly it has the ability to grow your brand, improve budgeted FTE, and most importantly, ensure the best patient outcomes. The central function of a healthcare call center is to manage patient engagement— something that can only truly be achieved when adopting the values of care culture. Here are the 3 essential values that a healthcare call center must share with care culture…


Little is more foundational to care culture than the desire to give patients access to the services and treatments that they need. This must be a shared passion for any healthcare call center. The patient journey starts with finding and connecting patients with the right care provider to schedule an appointment. An effective healthcare call center ensures a superior first impression to enable this connection and minimize patient inconvenience because they understand the important role they play in patient outcomes.


Effective and compassionate communication is at the center of all healthcare services. Little matters more in the care delivery processes than the ability to convey important messages about a patient’s health. When communication channels are strong and open, it engenders patients to their providers and builds trust. A good healthcare call center can strengthen connections with patients and help providers in their mission to ensure the best possible patient outcomes through an active engagement strategy.


One of the most important functions of a healthcare call center is to demonstrate to patients that the provider cares about their needs. Healthcare is made up of opportunities to create meaningful moments. A healthcare call center can help providers achieve their goal to meet every patient need –physical or emotional. Caring agents in a healthcare call center strive to make a difference in the lives of those with whom they interact. Taking the time to listen, explain, and address a patient’s concerns can help ease the patient’s mind and let him or her know they are being heard. Compassion is at the heart of care culture and a key component in ensuring a superior patient experience, whether in-person or on the phone.

Envera Health understands the importance of a human touch at every step of the patient journey. That’s why we take care to build highly trained teams of Patient Access Coordinators, with the right tools and personalities to represent your brand and support the values of your organization.

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