Patient Satisfaction And The Healthcare Call Center

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The interaction with a healthcare call center is the first step in the patient journey and is critical in setting the stage for a long-term positive relationship. Taking the time required on a call to understand the patients’ issues or concerns, routing them to the right department if a transfer is required, and treating them with respect will go a long way toward establishing a satisfying patient experience.

96% percent of patient complaints are related to customer service

An important way to engender patient satisfaction is to make sure your healthcare call center has the capability to connect with patients in the way they prefer. While many patients are fine with communicating with their providers via telephone, many others, especially younger patients, would rather communicate through digital channels– email, text messaging, and live chat. Whether in-house or outsourced, your healthcare call center must have the technology to leverage omnichannel communication.

9/10 patients will switch providers if they are not completely satisfied

Effective call center management can be hard, especially when it’s not your core business objective. Considering the difficulties health systems are experiencing recruiting and retaining staff, simply partnering with a healthcare call center may deliver better long-term ROI. You have one opportunity to make a first impression, so you want to ensure the patient access experience is putting your best foot forward.

75% of patients will put off an appointment if they were dissatisfied with their last experience

The patient experience doesn’t just impact continuity or loyalty to your health system, it affects patient outcomes. This is why you have to take care when selecting a healthcare call center. Your third-party solution must be good at more than simply taking calls, they have to extend the values of care culture to the processes of scheduling and inquiries— ensuring quality representation of your brand and compassionate patient interactions that reinforce lasting relationships.

1 in 4 patients say regular check-ins between appointments would enhance their experience

Managing patient outreach is just as essential as incoming calls. Can your healthcare call center effectively engage patients in-between visits? Executing activation and marketing campaigns as well as conducting regular patient satisfaction surveys should be a fundamental part of your engagement strategy. Management guru, Tom Peters has been credited with the saying that “what gets measured, gets done.” This philosophy illustrates the importance of tracking patient satisfaction indicators. Taking patients’ temperatures, so to speak, is the first step toward remedying pain points in the patient experience.

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Our PACs receive a 96%+ satisfaction rating on average from patients

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