It's About the People

The key to providing a winning patient experience is to not lose sight of one of healthcare's simple truths - at the end of the day, it's about the people. 

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It's About The People

In today’s market patients are healthcare consumers, who expect the same experience from their providers that they receive in other service-oriented exchanges. Healthcare interactions that don’t meet expectations for ease of use and customer service result in a decline in patient satisfaction and loyalty. The key to providing a winning patient experience is to not lose sight of one of healthcare’s simple truths— at the end of the day, it’s about the people.


Envera's Patient Access Coordinators

The patient access experience is the critical first interaction that sets the tone for the rest of the journey and establishes the first impression of your organization. Typically, patients seeking care are not well which means agents must not only respond with empathy but also know when to probe in case of an escalating safety issue. This requires extensive knowledge of healthcare, good training, and a bit of finesse. Over the years we’ve learned that certain personalities thrive in this environment. The following illustrates the top three traits and values that our Patient Access Coordinators share:

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its about people


Our agents consistently earn patient satisfaction scores of 96% and above!

A fully customizable, people-first approach to better serve your patient population and maintain the reputation of your organization within the communities you serve.

About Envera Health

Envera Health provides comprehensive engagement partnerships for healthcare organizations seeking to transform the patient experience and simplify the care deliver y process. Supported by a unique CRM-driven engagement center, we other a complete suite of patient engagement solutions custom-designed to improve operational efficiency and enable steady growth.