In an age of instant gratification, consumers expect more convenience, access, and ease from the companies they do business with. Facing long hold times, limited office hours, and no appointment availability, consumers will go elsewhere for their healthcare needs. Knowing that access and convenience are often more important than loyalty to a physician, how can we remove the friction and unify the healthcare experience?

The solution may be simpler than you think. It starts with staying focused on what you do best and finding partners to help with the rest! Here are some of the many reasons why partnering with a healthcare contact
center is key to redefining value, retaining patients, and winning the battle for the consumer.


Since call volumes constantly fluctuate, staffing for both efficiency and efficacy is undeniably tricky. Not having enough workforce leads to poor service, but having too many people on staff can be costly. To provide the best value and service for all scenarios, call centers can scale their workforce with ease, in response to ebbs and flows in overall volume. An advanced call center can serve as an extension of your team, improving the bandwidth of existing access center staff without the internal investment.

Engagement services partners like Envera Health have a flexible band of agents and superior workforce management who are prepared to adjust their staffing model in real-time increments of 15 minutes, based on insights from the data monitored by our operational team. This flexible staffing model keeps hold times at a minimum and ensures that every customer need gets addressed, even during extended hours like evenings and weekends.


With limited time and inflexible bandwidth, health systems can struggle to keep patients and consumers engaged. In today’s age of constant reminders and notifications at our fingertips, answering the phone is simply not enough anymore. The scalability and flexibility that an engagement services partner offers create bandwidth for patient outreach and engagement, creating the opportunity to focus on turning consumers into loyal patients. Envera Health’s reminder services and preventative care outreach campaigns work to re-engage patients and drive them back into the care system for appropriate utilization of services.


Keeping up with today’s constantly evolving technology is expensive. Save money without sacrificing innovation by supplementing your healthcare contact center with an outsourced partner. Engagement services companies like Envera Health have already invested in best in-class technology, such as custom-built Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms. Our advanced CRM provides a 360-degree view of the patient, which allows our team to completely assess the patient’s ongoing needs and communication preferences – enabling a one-touch, personalized experience for consumers.


Each interaction between a patient and their healthcare provider is a unique opportunity for engagement, but finding people who approach these interactions with compassion and empathy is not easy. A partner like Envera Health can recruit, train, and focus on retaining people for these roles so you don’t have to. We look for individuals with customer service and sales backgrounds, drawing from the retail market to build a team with strong people skills and ambition. These positions require rigorous training in the latest technology and customer service practices to provide a truly seamless experience for patients and consumers.


Between managing physician schedules and serving the patients who walk through the door, medical office receptionists have a never-ending list of things to do. Unfortunately, that means answering the phone can be a distraction and patients are left on hold. In contrast, healthcare call centers are contractually obligated to meet service levels and strive for predictability in service provision. Having a healthcare call center as an access partner is key to ensuring a positive, welcoming interaction for consumers. Committed to upholding the highest level of quality and service, Envera Health assesses 100% of calls – ensuring that patient needs are met in an efficient, compassionate manner. In fact, 96% of the customers Envera Health interact with reported that the person they spoke with was helpful and courteous.

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Health systems are investing in marketing and growth campaigns to drive new patients into the system and re-engage existing customers. To receive the best return on investment and drive market share, marketing programs, and campaigns should be embedded in the existing care delivery workflows. An engagement
services partner like Envera Health can bridge the gap between marketing and operations – driving growth by assisting operations in converting leads to scheduled appointments and bringing patients back for routine care.


Consistency is key to providing a unified patient experience and achieving operational efficiency. With so many practices, provider preferences, and appointment types all within one health system, services can seem disconnected. An advanced healthcare contact center can offer expertise, along with workflow designs that standardize the patient experience, while minimizing the friction in getting access to services. Applying our operational, growth, and engagement expertise, we improve operational efficiency and unify the brand experience across the health system.


Our fully integrated, white-labeled services enable us to serve as an extension of your healthcare team, connecting patients with the care they need, when they need it. With over 100 years of combined healthcare provider and call-center expertise, our world-class team is ready to help you transform thepatient experience, one call at a time.


About Envera Health

Envera Health provides comprehensive engagement partnerships for healthcare organizations seeking to transform the patient experience and simplify the care deliver y process. Supported by a unique CRM-driven engagement center, we other a complete suite of patient engagement solutions custom-designed to improve operational efficiency and enable steady growth.