Non-Profit Health System Dispatches New Patient Marketing

Organization Type
Non-profit Health System

Geographic Region

Organization Size
8+ hospitals
4000+ physicians
15+ specialties
serving a patient population of over 2 million

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Non-Profit Health System Dispatches New Patient Marketing



An eastern non-profit health system was having difficulty showing value for the implementation of marketing efforts. Their call center agents were overwhelmed and addressing to patient requests in a purely reactive manner, resulting in disjointed patient journeys. The struggle in the access center was prohibiting the health system’s ability to grow.



The discovery process revealed a lack of efficiencies in call center operations that were creating unnecessary challenges for agents. Agents were siloed due to incomplete workflows and undefined processes, which not only negatively impacted the patient experience but also was preventing them from integrating with any marketing campaigns. These failures in the access experience were not only prohibiting the health system from engaging with new patients but disrupting the care of existing ones.



With Envera Health’s consumer engagement solution, the health system was given the resources necessary for process redesign. Envera developed workflows, scripts, and FAQs to provide much needed standardization and provided a dedicated team of Patient Access Coordinators (PACs) to handle new patient calls, utilizing the health system’s scheduling platform, and a unique contact number specifically for marketing campaigns. In a year and a half Envera executed 9 unique outbound marketing campaigns. Additionally, Envera analyzed patient engagements to provide the health system with insights beyond campaign activity into unrelated patient requests and transfers, to assist in process improvement for access operations as a whole.


new patients cant wait results
new patients cant wait


The Envera approach includes an in-depth discovery process that studies the physicians and processes unique to your organization to develop a fully customized engagement solution.

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