Non-Profit Health System Calls For Centralization

Organization Type
Non-profit Health System

Geographic Region

Organization Size
hospital, surgical
center, 8+ clinics
200+ physicians
50+ specialties
serving a patient population of over 200k

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Non-Profit Health System Calls For Centralization



The area that the non-profit health system served was experiencing a rapid growth phase, and as such so was their organization. Competition for local workers was fierce, resulting in difficulties recruiting and retaining call center staff. Additionally, they were experiencing a high turnover of entry-level employees. The overall access experience was suffering as a result.



While it is true that the staffing issues were complicating the health system’s ability to provide a high level of quality service with their internal call center, the discovery process revealed another root cause for their service challenges. Due to their quickly expanding footprint, patient access processes had become largely decentralized. This was making it difficult for patient service representatives and the patients trying to get access to the system. A lack of standardization was leading to unusually long call wait times and excessive abandonment rates.



Envera Health’s Patient Access solution provided the non-profit health system with a dedicated team of Patient Access Coordinators (PACs) removing the burden of staffing challenges. Since Envera’s PACs are fully remote, the health system was able to retain high-caliber patient access staff without being affected by a strained local workforce. Additionally, the solution included a new phone strategy that quickly standardized internal processes and moved the health system to a centralized model while honoring the preferences and workflows unique to the organization. Working closely with leadership and stakeholders, Envera partnered with the health system through each step of the implementation process to ensure clear communication and easy adoption for each impacted department. Together they were able to fully realize the organization’s goal of improving the patient access experience in order to ensure better care.


calls for centralization


The Envera approach includes an in-depth discovery process that studies the physicians and processes unique to your organization to develop a fully customized engagement solution.

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