Large Health System Dials In The Patient Access Experience

Organization Type
Health System

Geographic Region

Organization Size
35+ hospitals
3000 physicians
25+ specialties
serving a patient 
population of over 10m

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Large Health System Dials In The Patient Access Experience



A large health system identified almost 10,000 patients across two markets who had not come in for a primary care visit in the last 18-24 months. Without the bandwidth to effectively coordinate preventative care communications, they were at risk of diminishing health outcomes for their existing patient population or losing these patients to competing health systems.



The discovery process revealed that the health system didn’t have the  bandwidth to effectively coordinate outreach or reminders for preventative  care. Their decentralized phone management system was overwhelmed by inbound call volumes, allowing little opportunity for any kind of outbound  campaign work. Staying on schedule with preventative care rested largely  on the patient’s personal ability to proactively act in the interest of their own health.

Ultimately, staffing challenges prevented the Health System from conducting the patient outreach necessary to keep the patient community engaged and activated. 



Envera Health partnered with the health system to create an outreach campaign specific to patients who were coming due or had skipped routine care  in the last 2 years. The campaign included IVR and SMS automated notifications when a patient became overdue for care and a dedicated team of Patient Access  Coordinators (PACs) to handle related inbound call volumes and provide afterhours support for greater access. Additionally, Envera managed patient  responses, identifying bad contact information and patients who had left the  practice to ensure the system’s patient roles were up to date.

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cs box- large health system lapsed patients


The Envera approach includes an in-depth discovery process that studies the physicians and processes unique to your organization to develop a fully customized engagement solution.

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