Academic Medical Center Resolves Bad Connection

Organization Type
Academic Medical Center

Geographic Region

Organization Size
4 hospitals
900 physicians
80+ specialties
serving a patient population of over 160k

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Academic Medical Center Resolves Bad Connection



An eastern academic medical center was having difficulty managing a long-running large-scale marketing effort designed to promote a variety of specialty services. The lead generation strategy employed various web-based channels, including social media and digital ads, that pointed patients to a web form to register or set an appointment. There were inconsistencies in the campaign results: while the data pointed to successful patient engagement, the high engagement levels were not translating to booked appointments.



The initial discovery revealed several factors responsible for the disconnect between patient interest and scheduling volumes. First, while the digital strategy was very effective, the medical center failed to account for patient behavior; patients were happy to engage digitally until it came time to schedule or register, then they expected a human connection. Calls were routed to their internal call center, which was having difficulty handling their usual inbound call volume in addition to the needs of the marketing campaigns. With all the attention on inbound calls, the campaigns’ outbound and follow-up needs were neglected, allowing patients to fall through the cracks— leading to conversion rates that did not coincide with the high digital engagement.



Envera Health’s Consumer Engagement solution provided a streamlined conversion strategy that could build off the success of the medical center’s existing marketing efforts with optimized processes to better serve interested patients. The solution included managing call strategies with a standardized phone number for all campaign assets to help track attribution. This, combined with the ability to conduct efficient and timely outreach, helped the medical center capture 100% of campaign leads, dramatically improving the conversion rate. Additionally, partnering with Envera offered the medical center an opportunity for deep process analysis that highlighted opportunities for improvement resulting in a better patient experience and higher ROI.


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