Truth Lab 2019 | What is Engagement, Really?

Fri, May 3, '19

RICHMOND, VA, May 3, 2019— Envera Health hosted the third annual Truth Lab, where healthcare leaders, caregivers, and innovators came together to challenge the way we define patient engagement in today’s current healthcare landscape. This year’s theme “Truths of Engagement” posed the question, what is engagement, really?

The morning kicked off with a panel discussion titled Define Engagement, featuring several healthcare professionals who shared how their experience in outside industries like travel, finance, and retail helped shape their current ideas around engagement in healthcare.


One of the major themes uncovered throughout this discussion was the desire for consumer choice and transparency. Over the past decade, industries like travel and retail have drastically shifted in the way they engage with their consumers to provide more choice and price/cost transparency. As one of the largest industries in the world, how can health systems and providers empower their patients with more choices throughout the healthcare experience?

The afternoon featured several interactive sessions like Story Tribes, and The Engagement Journey, which featured a panel of individuals who represented the different touchpoints along the patient journey. In this discussion, we compared the ways in which we can measure engagement at each moment, and where there were gaps and opportunities to increase patient engagement along the way.


Another highlight included the design thinking sprint with Cast & Hue. After identifying some of the patient journey pain points throughout the day, guests were split into teams to create a solution that would improve today’s current processes and consumer experience. This session was especially fun, as teams were encouraged to use arts and craft supplies to represent their solution before presenting them to the larger group!

Want to learn more about the Truths of Engagement? Stay tuned for the release of the 2019 Truth Report, which will dive deeper into the insights discovered from this year’s event. 

As always, thank you to all our facilitators, panelists, and guests for joining us, and we will see you at the next Truth Lab event!