4 Insider Tips for Contact Center Onboarding

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Envera’s Strategic Account Managers have loads of experience onboarding client organizations of all shapes and sizes. Recently, we asked them what advice they would give to an onboarding client when it comes to the implementation process— today, we’ve compiled the top four in this post…

  1. Communicate early and often

Start communicating with staff and patients about the new partnership, and the goals for the partnership, as soon as possible to help to ease the transition. Your vendor likely has their own resources as a part of their onboarding process, but it will be more effective and better received if it comes from your organization first— prior to beginning the implementation process.

  1. Discuss best practices

No one knows your system better than you. Discussing best practices with your vendor so they are well-versed in quirks prior to implementation is a must. This also helps them to avoid disrupting established workflows. Understanding efficiencies, like scheduling templates and waitlist features, can greatly improve performance metrics while benefiting patients at the same time.

  1. Trust in the training

Your vendor has a lot of experience with all aspects of staffing; you can trust their training. A good engagement partner will have several training resources on hand including a designated expert for your EMR to ensure that you don’t have to exhaust internal resources with agent onboarding. If you want more hands-on involvement, then train their trainer early in the process or supply them with your internal training programs… you can let them do the heavy lifting.

  1. Anticipate a learning curve

With any new program, there is an inevitable learning curve. The onboarding experience will be a lot smoother and more pleasant (for you and your vendor) if you manage expectations for call metrics in the first few weeks. During this time, you should communicate opportunities for improvement to help your vendor identify pain points but also try to be understanding; new agents need time to adjust to your unique systems, workflows, and scheduling guidelines.

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