7 Strategies for Call Center Workforce Retention

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Staffing challenges are a significant obstacle in operating a successful and profitable call center. Call centers, including those in the healthcare industry, often face high turnover rates, which can be detrimental to operational efficiency and profitability. The healthcare sector, in particular, has incredibly complex workflows, making the cost of onboarding and training even more substantial. To mitigate these challenges and ensure smooth operations, implementing effective strategies for call center workforce retention is crucial. We are proud to boast that our turnover rates are 2xs better than the national average, in this post we’ll share how we hire and keep the best.

  1. Targeting The Right Talent

Over the years we’ve developed parameters for identifying the kind of person who excels in the role of a Patient Access Coordinator (PAC). These people possess key personality traits, like self-transcendence and Openness, that make them a good fit for interacting with patients— and enjoying it. Evaluating and shifting out these candidates early in the recruiting process eases the burden of training and turnover.

  1. Comprehensive Training and Onboarding

We develop comprehensive training and onboarding programs to not only ensure that our PACs have the necessary skills and knowledge to perform their duties effectively but are fully immersed in the values and culture of the organization they will represent. By investing in thorough training, they gain confidence in their abilities, leading to increased job satisfaction and reduced turnover rates.

  1. Work-Life Balance and Flexibility

One of the most unique things about Envera is that we have a fully remote workforce. From an operational standpoint, this provides a nationwide talent pool and the ability to service client’s afterhours. From a workforce perspective, our flexible working hours and remote work opportunities support greater work-life balance.

  1. Creating a Positive Culture

Just because we are remote doesn’t mean we lack a supportive and positive workplace culture. Using a variety of modern engagement tools, we promote teamwork, open communication, and recognition of employee contributions. Regular feedback, performance evaluations, and opportunities for employee engagement and involvement are part of how we create a sense of belonging and job satisfaction.

  1. Competitive Compensation, Incentives, and Benefits

Envera offers competitive salaries, performance-based incentives, health insurance, retirement plans, and other benefits, that demonstrate our commitment to valuing and rewarding our PACs. This not only helps us attract skilled individuals but also motivates them to stay with our organization long term.

  1. Performance Feedback and Recognition

At Envera we like to celebrate our PAC’s wins, no matter how small. From regular feedback based on performance metrics to group communications sharing positive patient and client remarks, we utilize a variety of systems for providing timely and constructive feedback, acknowledging achievements, and celebrating milestones to boost employee morale and job satisfaction— helping to motivate exceptional performance and keep our PACs committed to their roles.

  1. Career Advancement Opportunities

We have a well-established framework for promotion, training programs for developing new skills, and mentorship programs that promote a sense of progression and loyalty. Since we take care to select a very specific type of person and are constantly monitoring performance, it only makes sense to promote these exceptional individuals from within. Providing clear career advancement pathways and opportunities for professional growth has been essential to retention.

In the healthcare industry, where call centers play a critical role in patient access and support, workforce retention is vital for delivering quality care and maintaining operational efficiency. Implementing strategies like these can help mitigate the challenges associated with high turnover rates. At Envera, by investing in the well-being and development of our Patient Access Coordinators, we foster a dedicated and skilled workforce, leading to improved patient satisfaction and better overall outcomes.

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