The Patient Access Center Dilemma: Build It or Buy It?

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Whether trying to meet the new more modern communication demands of patients or scale to accommodate practice growth, there comes a time when you realize something must be done to improve your access experience. But doing so is no simple task. Factors such as costs for new infrastructure and technology must be weighed against challenges in the labor market alongside logistical planning to ensure physician preferences and practice independence unite under a set of executable guidelines…

an overwhelming responsibility when your core focus is providing proper patient care.

Considering that all health systems are still feeling the financial impact of the pandemic, making room in the budget for access center expansions is difficult, especially while facing some of the slimmest operating margins in the last decade. It’s not surprising then that many organizations consider outsourcing as a possible solution— but many still struggle with the choice. To assist in the decision-making process, we’ve released a white paper that details in-depth the cost and considerations that must be analyzed when you arrive at the build it or buy it dilemma.

The paper offers a high-level overview that includes line-item expenses for everything from technology to personnel and includes key considerations for the benefits and challenges you face given either option. With the details of contact center operations segmented in this way you can easily identify the stage your current contact center is in, where you may need to expand, and what the financial impact will be to get you there— versus service considerations for vendor relationships.

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Healthcare Call Center: DIY or Buy?