Envera Commits to a Permanent Virtual Home

Fri, Oct 22, '21

RICHMOND, VA, October 22, 2021— In the spring of 2020 at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic Envera Health moved to a fully virtual environment to avoid service disruptions and ensure the health and safety of our staff. The move allowed us to provide continuous support to our healthcare partners during the many challenges brought on by the health crisis including an increased scheduling demand and vaccine rollout.

In the time since we have come to realize there are a number of advantages to our new virtual environment that allow us to offer improved services to our clients beyond the needs generated by the COVID crisis.

One of the primary advantages of operating in a virtual environment was the impact on recruiting efforts. No longer limited to the greater Richmond area, Envera can now hand select applicants from a nationwide talent pool. This has proven invaluable to our clients, allowing us to ensure we are building the best teams of Patient Access Coordinators for each unique health system, capable of reflecting their values and extending care culture over the phone. Another feature of having a nationwide reach is the ability to provide more flexibility in service hours as we span all time zones.

In the last year, Envera has assimilated work-from-home into its company culture and has seen the benefit to its employees. The implementation of networking platforms, such as Workplace, has actually brought staff together despite the physical distance in ways we could not have imagined. The virtual connection has worked to bring down the natural silos that occur in an office environment, fostering a connection between people in departments that may not have otherwise had an opportunity to interact. Additionally, employee satisfaction is as high as ever. Allowing our staff to work from home has removed much of the anxiety from pandemic life, which has in turn improved performance.

Considering the benefit to our clients and staff, we have collectively chosen to permanently adopt our virtual home. We will retain our physical hub in Richmond as a home base for in-person events and technology resources. As a company focused on leveraging technology to improve the access experience for our clients and their patients, we are proud of our ability to turn the temporary necessity of virtual life into a long-term advantage.

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