Bozeman Health + Envera Insights On Process Change (Webinar with HCIC)

Wed, Sep 21, '22

EVERYWHERE, USA, September 21, 2022— Today Caryl Perdaems, Systems Director for Primary Care at Bozeman Health joined Envera Health’s Vice President and Chief Growth Officer, Erinne Dyer, for an hour-long deep dive into change management challenges and how to successfully navigate them when implementing major process changes. Gleaning insights from the partnership experience and following the Bozeman story, Caryl and Erinne illustrate proven strategies for gaining buy-in while centralizing their patient access experience.

Discover how Bozeman Health, a large non-profit health system serving patient communities in the southwest region of Montana, comprised of nearly 150 physicians and 100 advanced practice clinicians., developed strategies to garner enthusiastic buy-in from all levels of staff, developing essential communication plans, and identifying change champions— resulting in major improvements to the access experience, like dropping hold times from hours to seconds.

The webinar, Focus on Access: Overcoming Buy-in Challenges from the Perspective of a Change Champion, sponsored by HCIC, can be accessed free on their website.

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