Why Envera

Patient Engagement

Envera supplies the right combination of people and technology to maximize operational efficiency and improve access for a superior patient engagement

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Patient Engagement

At Envera Health we understand that patient engagement impacts all aspects of care delivery from scheduling volumes to patient outcomes. That’s why we position ourselves as a comprehensive engagement partner, building customized solutions thatapply the right combination of people and technology necessary to bridge the gap between marketing and operations.
In today’s competitive market, strong engagement translates to continuity. Envera Healthcan drive growth by embedding marketing campaigns into your existing care workflowsandsupport the long-term viability of your organizationby converting leads to appointmentsall whileproviding a patient experience that inspires loyalty

Envera’s Engagement Solution can:

Convert 47% more inbound calls to appointments than a webform

Touch 100% of all qualified leads

Can lower no-show rates

Promote better Patient outcomes

Enable scalable growth through operational efficiency

Offer a better Patient Experience with average satisfaction scores over 96%

Improve marketing efforts for 20%+ increase in scheduling

Become What's Possible

A comprehensive engagement partner drives growth. On average, our Patient Access solution converts 28% of your monthly call volume into booked appointments and supports you by assisting that call volume management and supplementing your current resources. Learn more about how a comprehensive engagement partnership with Envera Health can help you better serve your patient population and meet your full market potential.

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Envera Health's Patient Engagement Solutions can tackle a wide range of your pain points as it relates to patient access and patient experience. Explore other reasons why Envera Health can be the perfect partnership for you.